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Toronto Star
Walk Melbourne ToursDec 2016

Walking tour celebrates food in Melbourne



Postcard & Tag
Walk Melbourne ToursSept 2015

Through the streets of Melbourne



The Big Bus
Walk Melbourne ToursSept 2015

Coffee Lovers Walk



The Age / Sydney Morning Herald
Walk Melbourne ToursSept 2015

The inside job: Monique Bayer



Flight Centre Australia
Walk Melbourne ToursSept 2015




Time Out
WalkMelbourneToursSept 2015

Coffee Lovers Walk



Passport MagazineLawrenceFerber
Sept 2015

World Eats – Melbourne



Vacation GoddessWalkMelbourneTours
Aug 2015

Taking a Delicious Walk through Melbourne



RACV RoyalAuto
August 2015

New walking tour- Walk, Talk & Tea


Harsha Bogle
Walk Melbourne ToursJanuary 2015

The Australia Diaries: The Coffee Tour



RACV Victorian Tourism AwardsVTAnight3
Oct 2014

2014 Winners and Finalists –
Including Monique Bayer as Youth Achiever of the Year
Sept 2014
An Interview with Australia’s Coffee Experts



Caroline In The CityMonique Bayer
April 2014
Tasting Melbourne’s Coffee Culture



March 2014
‘Food Safaris: Celebrity Chefs, Move Aside’



Etihad Inflight MagazineMoniqueBayer
March 2014
The Wonderful Dishes of Oz



Food & TravelMonique Bayer
Feb 2014
‘Melbourne – festival city’



The Great Aussie BiteMoniqueBayer
Jan 2014
Dumpling Discovery Tour



‘Travel There Next’ Channelmacchiato1
Jan 2014
‘The coffee story in Melbourne Australia’



Australian Women’s WeeklyAWWJan14_1
Jan 2014
Food Bites



Nov 2013
‘Eat Play and Stay’


Sydney Morning Heralddumplingdelight
November 2013
Dumpling delight



Sept 2013
Hidden gems: 18 places to see in Victoria


Speaking with David and Sue on JOY FM
Nov 22, 2013
Tune in at 19:20


Speaking with Anne Creber on 3MDR
Nov 18, 2013
Tune in at 1:34:30


Australian Women’s WeeklyMoniqueBayer
May 2013
Food Bites



The Independent (UK)IndependentUK
May 2013
Top of the sip parade


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Monique Bayer’s: Bio Coming soon
‘Devouring Melbourne’ synopsis: Download (297K)
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